Our Core Values

SLS, Inc's executive management team possesses more than three decades of extraordinarily successful staffing leadership. And, through those years, they've learned a lot about what really matters to both their temporary employees and their valued client partners.




These three words encompass the mission of SLS, Inc.

Integrity: whether working with our clients, our candidates, or one another, SLS, Inc. operates always with fairness, respect, and honesty - we believe this is something that everyone deserves.

Opportunity: SLS, Inc. is all about creating opportunity. Opportunity for our clients to maximize productivity and achieve new levels of satisfaction with their staffing programs. Opportunity for our candidates to work for outstanding organizations and achieve personal and professional success. Opportunity for SLS, Inc. employees to know they're making a difference - for every client, every candidate, every day.

Commitment: It's perhaps the most important word in the SLS, Inc. vocabulary. We make strong, continuing commitments - to our clients, our candidates, and to each other - to be the best organization that we can possibly be, to pursue continuous improvement in all that we do, and to strive each day to be our best. And, at SLS, Inc., when we make a commitment, we stand by it. It's just that simple.